Thank you so very much for joining me! I am new to this, but I just had so many kinds of emotions today and I just felt like connecting with people I do not know, i.e. YOU. Not because I am lonely and do not have people to share my feelings with. No. Not that ,but because I want to share my frustrations with people who are to some degree going through what I am going through. Because, for some reason, I feel like I could connect better with YOU. Because YOU may really Feel Me as you are experiencing or have experienced bits and pieces of what I am going through. I love my family. I love my friends. They are here for me. I know that 100%. But I also know that I want (or is it need?) to share my feelings, my disappointments, my fear, my hopes and dreams with people that have first hand experience with these somewhat bent (Not Broken) pieces of my life.

We may encounter many defeats but we may not be defeated – Maya Angelou